Almost in the middle of Myanmar lies the lake famous of its fishermen and pagodas

I travelled to Lake Inle thru domestic terminal of Yangon. Not so modern check-in counters and luggage scales look a bit different then modern airports. Finally when airborne, the country really seems fresh and green

Nyaungshwe ညောင်ရွှေ. The village nearby the lake

People and the lake. The lake and its small feeder rives arriving from the mountains offer the transportation fairways to the people and their things

The lake itself has of course the fishermen, but also handicraft business. Handweavers, silver smiths, pagodas and markets around and inside the pagodas. And the long-neck-tribe

Floating markets and floating gardens.

The Race. Villages around the Lake Inle organize a rowing contest between villages

After race day there is of course a market night

The fishermen

The people and the scenery around the lake are the main reason to visit there

Fisherman catches the sun