During the 11th and 13th centuries, over 10000 temples, pagodas and monasteries were constructed in the Bagan plains, of which the remains of over 2200 temples and pagodas still exist

So many temples and places to see, simply never not enough time

Temples are also a place for a good market. Or just to dry fish...

"You can leave your hat on....." but not your shoes, when entering a temple. And it is wise to put them in a locker because of the monkeys...

Mount Popa, a monastery high above

People of Popa. And the monkeys

Making of palm wine

The sunsets at Bagan plains

And with temples, there are of course the monks


Mandalay is the gate in/out of Myanmar in the north

Poor people live by the river in a hut. Not so many modern facilities

The late night market offers almost anything

Some of the monks are quite pleased when photos are taken